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Artwork at St. Peter's United Church

The symbols of our faith, the people of St. Peter’s, our church history, our northern environment and peoples are reflected in the stained glass windows and artwork in the church. In our 60th year of worship and service in Sudbury, we celebrate our past, and look forward to further contributions to this visual history.

The Promise of New Life Painting

PromiseNewLifepaintingThe painting in the sanctuary, is the right hand portion of a two part scene by native artist Leland Bell. It was acquired by the church in 1983, with contributions from church members. Mr. Bell uses traditional symbols of native culture to express the title theme: earth, flowing waters and the interrelatedness of all life. The streamers represent communication between the different elements of the scene, and the circle in the heavens emphasizes the interdependence of all parts. The scene, with a group of elders contemplating or celebrating the promise of a new baby, was accompanied by images of confirmation of the promise in the other half of this diptych. In our Christian context, God’s promise of new life through Christ, and our expectant hope, can also be visualized in the painting.

About the Artist

Leland Bell

Leland Bell is a native story teller, artist and musician from Wikwemikong, Manitoulin Island. His works reveal native insights in spiritual areas, in relationships with the earth and its creatures, and in community and family life. His paintings have a wide appeal and interest in Northern Ontario and beyond..




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As followers of Jesus Christ, our mission is, to worship God, to nurture faith, to foster a caring, inclusive, and affirming church family, to serve our community, to work for peace and justice, to respect the earth.

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