Council and Committees


Church Council

Our governing body consists of 27 church members elected by the congregation and 5 members representing the Presbytery, our youth, the United Church Women group and the Board of Trustees. It meets bimonthly to consider and decide on motions and reports from the church committees and representatives.

Council Committees

The day to day work of our church is carried out by 10 committees with about 80 members in total. It is the committee work that makes St. Peter’s a dynamic and vibrant church and we are blessed by the efforts of so many of our church community. 

Our current committees are:

Finance: Supervision of church income and expenditures, preparation of an annual budget and statements. Chair - Kathy Young

Ministry and Personnel: Contracts, job descriptions and oversight of church staff members. Chair (acting) - Tim Boyles

United Church Women:  A women’s group providing service, fellowship and support for our church and other organizations. Coordinator - Mary Faris

Fellowship:  Promotion and organization of regular fellowship activities for our whole church family. Chair - Julie Bowen

Congregational Care: Pastoral care support for our minister, the oversight of records, weddings, baptisms and funerals, preparation and implementation of policies for congregational care     including church facilities and activities. Subcommittees include Visitation, Meal delivery, Transportation, Accessibility, Rolls and records and the Affirm United group. Chair - Audrey     Anderson, Coordinator (part time) - Charles Bolduc

Christian Education: Oversight and support of study activities, church labyrinth use, nursery, children’s and youth programs, young families activities, the church library, meditation groups, Scout, Guide program groups. Publicity and support for Manitou Intentional Learning Community initiatives. Contact - Gillian Schell

Mission and Service: Outreach and mission project development and support for our church family. An Out of the Cold subcommittee organizes and provides workers for monthly dinners for over 150 guests through the winter. A Syrian Refugee subcommittee is actively preparing for receiving a 10 member family from Syria in the spring of 2016. Chair - Judy Niesing

Property: Supervision of church facilities, the custodian and maintenance projects. Contracts and supervision for church use by outside groups. Chair - David Kechnie

Worship and Music: Support for our minister and music staff and assistance in planning and conducting weekly worship services including ushers, communion preparation and guest leaders. Chair - Doug Hallman

Memorial Fund: This committee arranges for memorials to be purchased from donations, and prepares plaques and maintains memorial records. Chair - Doug Hallman

Communications: Oversight and maintenance of audio visual equipment including training operators, enhancing communications with the Sudbury community and our neighbourhood, website development and maintenance. Coordinator - Doug Hallman

Records Management: This committee supervises the maintenance of church records including council and committee documents, financial information and the archiving or disposal of records as per United Church guidelines. Chair - John Stanyon

If you would like to contact or join one of our committees and participate in the life and outreach of our congregation, please contact the Office Administrator, Shannon Morin.



As followers of Jesus Christ, our mission is, to worship God, to nurture faith, to foster a caring, inclusive, and affirming church family, to serve our community, to work for peace and justice, to respect the earth.

Services every Sunday at 10:30am

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