Study & Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

In the past several years, a Mindfulness Meditation program led by our minister and other St. Peter’s community members has been taking place at St. Peter’s with about 30 participants. There are now three groups, meeting on Wednesday afternoons and evenings.  We use study books to guide our reflection and inspire our personal practice.  We continue to welcome participants from the wider community to the growth of this spiritual practice. This program will resume in September 2016 - watch for schedule information.

Study Groups

Each year, study group sessions are scheduled, normally for 4 to 6 week periods in Advent, before Christmas and Lent, before Easter.  The themes are often based on recent books and led by our minister or a lay leader.  Last Advent, the book by Barbara Brown Taylor - “Learning to Walk in the Dark” was the subject, and this year, the book “Making Room” by Christine D. Pohl was studied to drawing inspiration from the Lenten theme as we prepared for the arrival of our Syrian refugee family. From the preface for the book “Over and over again, I’ve come to see that in God’s remarkable economy, as we make room for hospitality, more room becomes available to us for life, hope, and grace.”  This was a self study in which weekly discussion questions and exercises were posted on a blog (www.stpetersbookforum.wordpress.com). Discussions were planned on this blog and/or through informal chats at Sunday coffee hour.

For more information on these groups, watch for schedule updates in the coming months or contact the church office.


As followers of Jesus Christ, our mission is, to worship God, to nurture faith, to foster a caring, inclusive, and affirming church family, to serve our community, to work for peace and justice, to respect the earth.

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