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Church in the "In Between"   June 26, 2020

When heaven’s bright with mystery
and science searches nature’s art,
when all creation yearns for peace
and hope sinks deep in human hearts,
appear to us, O Holy Light;
Lift from our eyes the shades of night.

Rob Johns, Voices United # 93

It’s an Epiphany hymn, I know. But it works for us these days, as a prayer in the midst of the unknown. We get overwhelmed with the unknown. It’s scary. And we tend to forget that the Holy Presence of God is here, walking with us.

We aren’t collecting into our souls the lovely energy that comes to us as we sing together our prayers, as we speak together our prayers. We miss it. It’s easy, then to become scared and sad and lonely.

As summer blossoms around us, let’s take it in….the birdsong, the sound of the wind in the trees, the sparkle of sun on water….draw in all the energy of nature’s art. Go out at night and look up. Heaven is still bright with mystery. Draw in that energy.

Stay in touch with friends. Enjoy that holy bond.

Summer is full of grace, even if it doesn’t hold the same freedom this year.

Rest as you can. Be safe. We are held in God’s love.

Over the summer, church staff will take well deserved rest and vacation time. Shared worship will be online on St. Andrew’s YouTube channel - link is St. Andrew's YouTube Channel for the July 5, 12 and 19 services and on our YouTube channel- link is St. Peter's YouTube Channel for the July 26, August 2 and 9 services. 

Deepest Gratitude goes to Rob Ambrose for the work of editing worship video every week; to Doug and Judy Hallman for the work of finding the best possible ways to present the music, doing the work of dealing with copyright every week, and lifting our spirits with song; to Isaac Lehman for stepping up to provide us with great video in a variety of settings, and to his humble production assistant and understudy, Tim Lehman; to Hope Anselmo for all the Zoom help; to Charles for keeping connections; to Gillian Schell for keeping us in touch with the needs of our Neighbour; to Susan for keeping the ship afloat through Teamviewer; to our M&P Committee for their support; to Mary Ann for making it easy for us to make our financial offerings; to Bruce and to the Property Committee for keeping the building safe and clean…to all of you for your willingness to colour outside the lines as we continue to seek to share God’s love in the world.



If you need information church related please call: 

Dawn Vaneyk: 705-692-1263 (from July 27 onward)
Charles Bolduc: 705-674-0824, home email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in July
Susan Sigal: 705-566-1128 (during office hours)


We continue to check on folks by phone and email. Connect leaders are checking on their groups. Individuals are reaching out. We have a list of volunteers to help with things like grocery pick up or so let us know if you need a hand. ( Dawn: 705-692-1263; Charles 705-674-0824 )

Time Up Front children's stories are posted on our St. Peter's United Church Sudbury YouTube channel. Spirit Quest at Home activities are posted in our newsletter and on the Homepage of this website. Leaders are encouraged to touch base with their Spirit Quest groups.

We continue to be concerned about the needs of the clients of the Mission and Shelter down town. All the service agencies prefer financial donations so they can optimize their purchasing power, so we are not collecting goods. Currently, the best help is to make financial donations to the Sudbury Foodbank, the Elgin Street Mission, or the Blue Door Soup Kitchen or Reseau Access Network Sudbury. Here are the links:

Blue Door Soup Kitchen,  Elgin St Mission,  https://www.sudburyfoodbank.ca/  
Reseau Access Network

Summer is here. I will be away now until July 21. The Rev Dave Le Grand (St. Andrew's) will be on call for funeral needs. Enjoy your family bubbles/social circles. Enjoy summer’s graces. Rest as you can. Be safe. We are held in God’s love.

Dawn f



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