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Coronavirus and Church


“Sometimes I feel discouraged and think my work's in vain,
but then the Holy Spirit, revives my soul again.
Ther is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole ...."

This spiritual reminds us that there is no barrier to the Holy Spirit – not geography or, dare I say it?... isolation. As we adjust to the present circumstance, some find it like an extended Sabbath/retreat and some are finding it to be a confinement of exhaustion as working from home, parenting, schooling and protecting self and others is more than just an upset routine. 

Spiritual Practices:

Practices like the Lovingkindness Meditation I spoke of last Sunday, and others may help. The Labyrinth is out of bounds for now, but walking mindfully on your street, as if you were walking the Labyrinth, feeling your feet on the ground with each step, can be a “grounding” practice. Mindfulness websites often offer simple practices. Insight Timer and other sites offer guided meditations. If you can find a quiet moment just to pray each day, and/or write your thoughts and prayers in a notebook/journal can help also. Call a friend. Tend your spirit as much as you can.


We are worshipping together, yet as we progress, we may be able to offer something more “immediate” but this way we can reach those with and without Facebook.

Our Holy Week and Easter worship is shaping up and we are grateful to all who are helping us, especially Rob Ambrose, Doug and Judy Hallman, Isaac and Tim Lehman, Jackie Balleny, Hope Anselmo and Alison Godwin. There will be worship offered for Palm Sunday (see below), Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.  These services are offered currently through our YouTube Channel “St Peter's United Church Sudbury". Here is the link for the Palm Sunday Service on April 5:  Palm Sunday - St. Peter's .


Join our Palm Sunday “Holy Week Walk”. We will begin with the Palm Parade and then explore the rituals and symbols of Holy Week. The “walk” part is just…around the coffee table or a symbolic pause.


Susan continues to work from home with a program that links her to her church computer. Emails to the church address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. are received. Phone messages are checked regularly. Our custodian, Bruce, is checking the building regularly. Like everyone else, we are adapting as we go, figuring out what we might have missed on our hasty planning, and doing our best.

The Canadian Shield Regional Council is holding regular Zoom meetings for information and guidance with advice for Finances and other concerns. Clergy and church leaders are encouraged to participate. Our denomination is working hard to help us.

Meetings may be held through the Zoom online platform. As it becomes clear that some of our activities will be cancelled, our creative committees are gearing up to offer alternatives. Any Committees who wish to meet via Zoom may do so. Please contact Dawn or Hope Anselmo for the Password. A Google Calendar has been provided so that meetings don’t overlap. Hope Anselmo is also available to help folks get set up on Zoom….it isn’t difficult.


If you need information church related please call:

Dawn: 705-692-1263

Charles: 705-674-0824, home email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Susan: 705-566-1128 (during office hours)

Pastoral Care:

We continue to check on folks by phone and email. Connect leaders are checking on their groups. Individuals are reaching out. We have a list of volunteers to help with things like grocery pick up or so let us know if you need a hand. ( Dawn: 705-692-1263; Charles 705-674-0824 )


The Time Up Front children's story is offered via YouTube (this week it is in the Palm Sunday Service - Palm Sunday - St. Peter's. Spirit Quest at Home activities will continue to be posted in our newsletter This Week On The Rock - a link can be found under "About Us"on the website home page. Leaders are encouraged to touch base with their Spirit Quest groups.


We continue to be concerned about the needs of the clients of the Mission and Shelter down town. All the service agencies prefer financial donations so they can optimize their purchasing power, so we are not collecting goods. Currently, the best help is to make financial donations to the Sudbury Foodbank, the Elgin Street Mission, or the Blue Door Soup Kitchen or Reseau Access Network Sudbury. Here are the links:
Blue Door Soup Kitchen,  Elgin St Mission,  https://www.sudburyfoodbank.ca/  
Reseau Access Network


Sometimes I think we are going to “break the internet”, we are online so much. But it warms and strengthen my heart when we can see each other, so thanks for being brave and entering Zoom meetings; thanks for the contact we share on the St Peter’s Facebook Group; thanks for making the calls you are making and helping our congregation stay connected through the Invisible String of God’s love. You embody the “balm in Gilead”.

Dawn f

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As followers of Jesus Christ, our mission is, to worship God, to nurture faith, to foster a caring, inclusive, and affirming church family, to serve our community, to work for peace and justice, to respect the earth.

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